Director Bobby: Bobby who made everyone emotional.. What actually happened??

Director Bobby

Maha has known about Bobby in one industry since he became a writer. Filmy lovers know about him after becoming a director. And now with the movie Chiranjeevi Waltheru Veeraiya.. everyone knows that Manodena! But it is this Bobby who is breaking everyone’s hearts now. He has written an open letter to all those who worked hard for his film and is applauded by all. S! Bobby, who started his career with good movies as a writer, scored a huge hit with the movie Power as a director. After that, he became a star director by doing films of star heroes. And in this order, he got a chance to do a movie with Megastar Chiru. But the additional matter is that Bobby became a director just to make Chirunu a director. Came into movies. And with the movie Veeraiya, that aim has been completed. A dizzying hit.

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