Dhoni Bike: Dhoni who had trouble to start the bike..Dhoni pushed forward like a bicycle..Video viral..

Dhoni Could Not Start The Bike In This Video Goes Viral

Former Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is never active on social media. However, Dhoni’s fans always want him to be in the limelight. For this, they keep sharing any photos and videos related to Dhoni on social media. In this order, an old video related to Dhoni is currently doing the rounds on social media. Dhoni loves motorbikes. He has many types of motorbikes. We have seen many pictures of Dhoni cleaning his bike himself while riding a bike. Dhoni is struggling to kick start the bike in the video which is going viral. But, it did not start. After a long while, the bike did not start. It’s cool if you show me the dots on the field like Avalis.. Finally, after pushing a little distance, it started. The video related to this is going viral. Netizens who have seen the video are commenting that it is cool.. Mr. Cool.

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