Delhi Kanjhawala Case: Anjali’s friend, confused puzzle. All the big updates related to the case. Delhi Kanjhawala Case: Anjali’s friend, tangled puzzle

Delhi Girl Dragged Case: Every day new revelations are happening in the case of Anjali, the girl who died in a road accident in Sultanpuri, Delhi. Now big information has come to light about friend Nidhi present with Anjali. In the year 2020, he was arrested in the drugs case. According to the information, Nidhi remained in jail for more than a month even after getting bail.
According to media reports, Nidhi got bail on 15 December 2020 but she came out of jail on 15 January 2021. Even after getting the order from the court, people came to get bail after a month. The charge sheet of this case was presented on 31 January 2021.

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