Danger Fish.. Even though the head is cut off, the power does not decrease.

Fish Shocking Video

There are many strange creatures in the sea. Sirkati fish is one of them. This is a very dangerous fish. Currently, a video related to this fish is going viral. In this video there is a Sirkati fish with its head cut off. A man held it with his hand. Everyone thinks it’s dead when they see it because it’s already cut. But that danger fish head gave an unexpected shock. She took off her head to prove that she was alive. Do you know how.. the person there put a coke can in the fish’s mouth. After one bite with its sharp teeth, the can was crushed.. the hole fell.. all the coke came out of it. Netizens are shocked to see this shocking scene. Whammo.. They are wondering what will happen if they put their hand in their mouth to see if it is dead. A user shared this shocking video on Twitter. While this video has been viewed more than 29 thousand and hundreds of people have liked it. Some commented that ‘this fish looks angry even after death’, while others commented that ‘it is fighting with death’.

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