Cricket: Paye.. Izzatanta Paye.. 9 batters could not score even 10 runs in 20 overs.. | Super Smash 2022: Wellington Women Defeat Northern Districts Women By 59 Runs, Sophie Devine Key Role

Unexpected events happen in cricket every now and then. T20s are definitely lightning innings.

Unexpected events happen in cricket every now and then. T20s mean lightning innings for sure. But even in this format, the bowlers dominate the batsmen in some cases. Now the same scene was seen in the Super Smash tournament in New Zealand. The match was between Wellington and Northern District women’s teams. In this, the women of Wellington won a great victory.

If we go into the details.. Wellington, who batted first in this match, scored 140 runs for the loss of 8 wickets in the stipulated 20 overs. A small goal.. Everyone thought that the opponent team would do it easily. But the scene is almost reversed. The Northern District team showed a poor performance in chasing the target. Not a single batsman from that team could stand at the crease. As a result, wickets started falling immediately.

In order to chase down the target of 141 runs, 9 batters of the Northern Districts team could not score even 10 runs. As soon as he entered the crease, he queued up for the pavilion. Batter (32) who entered the ring at number 8 on behalf of Northern Districts became the top scorer. In this innings, the Northern Districts team lost 9 wickets in 20 overs and managed to score only 81 runs. With this, Wellington women’s team won by 59 runs. Among the Wellington bowlers, 33-year-old Sophia Devine and Kasperek took 2 wickets each and played a key role in the downfall of the opponent. While Wellington won the women’s match of the Super Smash tournament, the Wellington team lost to Northern Districts by 6 wickets in the men’s match.

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