Cricket: Excitement until the last ball.. Even if the stadium is empty.. Even if tickets are given for free.. No Baboy audience.. Where is it? | Pakistan vs new zealand 2nd test free entry for fans but empty stands karachi stadium

Pakistan vs New Zealand Karachi Test: The audience was not interested in the second Test between Pakistan and New Zealand in Karachi. Even though the excitement reached its peak on the fifth day, the stands in the stadium were seen empty.

Pakistan vs New Zealand: The second Test match between Pakistan vs New Zealand was played between January 2 and January 6 at the National Stadium in Karachi. It is known that the excitement of the last day’s match reached its peak. As the Test match ended in a draw, Pakistan scored 304 for 9 in the second innings. The host team needs 15 runs to win the match. There are still three overs left. In such a situation, umpire Aleem Dar declared that the match could not be continued due to insufficient light. Checked the light with a light meter. After that, second field umpire Alex Warf consulted and declared the fifth day over. Both the teams are fighting hard for the result in such a thrilling match. But, the signal given by umpire Aleem Dar became a victim of trolling on social media. However, it is noteworthy that there was no audience to witness this excitement.

Despite the free entry.. the uninterested audience..

Spectators were given free entry on all five days of the second Test match in Karachi. It is noteworthy that this is the last test of this year on the soil of Pakistan. Despite this, the audience was not interested in watching the match. Only a few spectators were seen on the ground during the match. Even as the result of the match was changing ball by ball.. Karachi National Stadium stands were empty without spectators.

Series draw..

The two-Test series between Pakistan and New Zealand ended in a draw. The first match of the series was played in Karachi from December 26 to 30. Pakistan declared 438 runs in the first innings and 311 runs for 8 wickets in the second innings. Meanwhile, New Zealand declared 612 runs for 9 wickets in the first innings. At the same time, 61 runs for one wicket were scored in the second innings. Thus the first test ended in a draw. On the other hand, if we talk about the second test, New Zealand declared 449 runs in the first innings and 277 runs for 5 wickets in the second innings. Meanwhile, Pakistan scored 408 runs in the first innings and 304 runs for 9 wickets in the second innings.

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