CM KCR: This country is ours.. We have to fight till the last drop of blood.. CM’s key remarks at Iftar dinner.. | CM KCR Says I will fight till my last drop of blood and would never compromise on its unity

CM KCR said that while Telangana is moving ahead in development, the country is going backwards. Ministers and Majlis MP Owaisi attended the Iftar dinner given to Muslims by the government at LB Stadium in Hyderabad along with KCR. KCR lashed out at the Centre’s behavior. KCR said that the Telangana government has spent Rs. 12 thousand crores for the development of minorities.

The President and Chief Minister of BRS said that the BJP government at the Center has taken the country back for decades.. Will fight till the last drop of his blood to save the country.. Will not compromise on unity and integrity. K Chandrasekhara Rao Criticized. Speaking at the Dawat-e-Iftar program organized by the state government at LB Stadium on Wednesday, CM KCR said that the country is waiting for the right leader and the right party leadership. The Chief Minister said that the country is going through difficult times and everyone needs to unite and work for solutions. Like every seven, this year also the government has arranged for Iftar feast. There is a pleasant atmosphere here with the arrival of all of you.

Like no other state in the country, Telangana has a per capita income of Rs. 3,17,115. He said that we are ahead of big states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. In the newly formed state of Telangana, per capita electricity consumption was 1000 to 1050 units. Today it has doubled to 2100 units. We stand at the highest position in the country. Everyone is watching the progress in the industry and IT sector. CM KCR built Anees ul Gurba as requested by Asaduddin Owaisi and others.

Other states are not developing as much as we are developing. We have solved the problems of drinking water, irrigation water and electricity. BRS party got a warm welcome in Maharashtra. KCR made it clear that his goal is to develop the country like us.

If BJP had followed Telangana’s model of development, our GDP would have been 3 to 4 lakh crore more than what it is now, he said. Listing the achievements of Telangana in the last nine years, the Chief Minister said that the state’s per capita income has reached Rs.3.08 lakh, per capita electricity consumption has reached 2140 units and paddy cultivation has reached 56.40 lakh acres. He said that we have achieved self-sufficiency in drinking water and electricity and the problem of unemployment will be solved soon.

He said that his government is giving due priority to the welfare of minorities and during the ten years of Congress rule in Andhra Pradesh only Rs.1180 crores were spent on the welfare of minorities, but his government has already spent more than Rs.12 thousand.

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