CM Jagan: ‘If we win this time, we will rule for another 30 years’.. CM Jagan’s interesting comments.. | AP CM Jagan issues guidelines to Vijayawada East Constituency YCP leader in a meeting on Jan 4

YS Jagan has called upon the leaders of his party to work together with the goal of power in the upcoming elections and put aside any differences and unite. Wednesday at Tadepalli camp office..

CM Jagan: 'If we win this time, we will rule for another 30 years'.. CM Jagan's interesting comments..

Ap Cm Jagan Speaking In Vijayawada Meeting

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan has called upon his party leaders to work together with the goal of power in the upcoming elections and put aside any differences and unite. Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy held a meeting with the leaders and activists of Vijayawada East Constituency at the Tadepalli camp office on Wednesday. In this order, Jagan greeted Panthriya Coordinator Ayodhya Ramireddy, Krishna District President Vellampalli Srinivas, East Constituency YCP Incharge Devineni Avinash and others by name and inquired about their well-being. Later, CM Jagan directed the steps to be taken to strengthen the party in the constituency.

CM Jagan said, ‘We are having a meeting with our party workers constituency wise. The motive behind this is to meet the activists. Besides, state assembly elections are going to be held in another 14-15 months. By going door-to-door in every constituency, we are getting in touch with the people. If there are any deserving ones left, good luck to them too. It should be explained to every sister and every younger sister that they can do all the good things with God’s grace. Take their blessings. We are appointing secretariat-wise conveners and householders for every 50 to 70 houses from the party. We will go ahead by making them participants in party activities. One of the household heads must be a woman. The party cadre should unite with the people,’ he said.

CM Jagan continued his words.. ‘Anyone has any small problem, if he deserves it and misses it, he should solve it and do good. We are doing so much meditation with the intention that no one should be left behind. No one, ever, had meditated so much in the past. Twice in a year we grant everything to such people. We have improved almost 88 percent of the houses across the state. We can transparently tell the good deeds done by each sister and sister, including their names. That is why there is a political change that has never happened in the state. In places like Kuppam, municipalities, MPPs, ZPTCs, MPTCs, Sarpanchus etc., we have been able to clean sweep more than 80 percent.

Even in Vijayawada East..

“Even where there is an opposition MLA in Vijayawada East, we have been able to win more wards. The change is palpable. The recent corporation election results are proof of this. If there are any problems, let us adjust ourselves. Definitely 175 to 175 seats should be won. Such is the situation in the state today. Whether you go to the ward or the village… there is happiness in every house. Schools are changing, studies are changing, hospitals are changing in our area. Agriculture is changing through RBKs. Such a change has never happened. The family doctor concept will also come in full swing from next year. All the changes we have brought in the fields of education, medicine, agriculture etc. will give full results. So we should all work together for the upcoming elections,” Jagan directed his party leaders.

Any differences should be kept aside..

“The upcoming assembly elections should be taken seriously. If we win this time, we will be in power for another 30 years. We will provide good governance to people for 30 years. How much trouble I have.. I am doing a button pressing program. You have to do what you have to do. We should work hard together in this election. Go to every house and take their blessings. We should also go to the houses of those who did not vote for us. If the good done is explained to them.. surely there is a possibility of change in them too. It will be a mistake if we don’t go. That’s why it should go to every house. I want everyone’s blessings. CM Jagan directed the YCP workers in Vijayawada East Constituency saying that we should do our best with goodness.

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