CM Jagan: AP CM Jagan will have a special meeting with Prime Minister Modi during his visit to Delhi. Andhra Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy will meet PM Narendra Modi today

CM Jagan’s Delhi tour is creating a sensation in AP politics. There is an interesting discussion about going to Delhi exactly three days before the new year. So why did Jagan go to Delhi? What is the main agenda? Who is going to meet with the Prime Minister?

Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy, who went to Delhi exactly three days before the New Year, will meet Prime Minister Modi. Partition issues will be discussed as the main agenda. Jagan will meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi at 12:30 pm on Thursday. A memorandum will be given on the pending funds due to AP and the Polavaram project. It seems that the issue of three capitals will also be brought to the notice of the Prime Minister. It is being circulated that central cooperation will be sought on the three capitals. Chief Minister Jagan is going to focus mainly on the issues of division. They will insist once again for the division of Schedule 9 and 10 institutions. This is going to be a main issue in the context of the AP government going to the Supreme Court on schedule 9 and 10 companies.

Jagan will also take the economic situation of AP to the Prime Minister’s attention. They want to release the funds due to AP immediately. As next year’s budget is very important, there is a chance to appeal for financial support. Polavaram project- release of funds will be discussed separately. Jagan will also give a memorandum to the Prime Minister on railway projects. He will mainly seek clarity on the Visakha railway zone and request to start the works soon.

After the meeting with Prime Minister Modi, CM Jagan will also meet with Union Ministers. CM Jagan, who has already sought the appointments of several ministers, will meet them once the green signal is given. Many issues related to the state will be discussed. Memorandums will be given mainly on partition issues, pending issues and financial requirements.

Andhra Pradesh has already gone into the election mood. All the opposition parties have also started campaigning. Criticisms are raining down on the government by going to the people in large numbers. In such a time, the next budget is going to become the most important for Jagan’s government. The YCP government is trying to get as many projects and financial resources as possible from the center as there is only one year left for the elections. When the political developments in AP are changing rapidly… will the objective of CM Jagan’s Delhi tour be fulfilled? Or?

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