Chandrababu: Chandrababu tour on second day in Kuppam.. Meeting with booth committees on activities.. | TDP Chief Chandrababu 2nd Day Tour, high tension in Kuppam

Wrestling competitions in the pile. Yesterday was the same action scenes. It may continue today and tomorrow. Because Chandrababu Chaitanya’s car broke down on the first day when he went to Kuppam for a three-day stay. If the TDP leader warns that Khabaddar…

Why not give permission for road show. Why should I not go to my constituency? Answer me on behalf of 5 crore people… Chandrababu who was shaken with anger.. The police stood looking at the directions. This is Senu. As expected. But… no one could have predicted that the sky would turn so red that evening. Kandukur, Guntur.. two consecutive tragedies.. are twisting the politics of AP. Anyway… the TDP leader sketched a three-day visit to Kuppam saying that this is a bad thing for the state. Despite the successful landing of the plane from Bangalore, the no entry board on Kuppam roads mocked. 300 policemen blocked Babu’s convoy.. Intolerance in TDP ranks… outrage.

But since Chandrababu is on a visit today too, will the police stop him..? There was excitement whether permission would be given. Chandrababu had a meeting with the booth committee members at Kuppam office this morning. Chandrababu is furious with the police restrictions and the behavior of the YCP government. They were angry at the registration of cases against many people who violated the rules yesterday.

Yesterday, Chandrababu said..Rule for the Chief Minister’s meetings, and for me..If I had done this when I was the Chief Minister…Would the Chief Minister be walking on the roads now?

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