Ceiling Fan: Buying a ceiling fan? Must check these things.. otherwise there will be problem.. | Look at these things while buying a ceiling fan, not the size, the air reaches every corner

The term blade pitch is a little more technical. But it is important to understand it. It is the blade pitch on which the total airflow of the fan depends. If you choose the right degree while buying.. you will buy the best fan.

Ceiling fan buying tips : As soon as summer starts, people go to buy fans first. While buying a fan the shopper looks at its features like speed, power consumption etc. Don’t take information about blade pitch while buying a fan. However, blade pitch is very important for strong winds. This affects the air velocity as well as the cooling effect of the ceiling fan. Fans available in the market have different blade pitch. However, according to experts, a blade pitch of 10-15 degrees is best for a ceiling fan. Blade pitch is generally related to motor quality. A powerful motor is required to drive a high pitch fan.

If your fan pitch is 10 to 12 degrees, then you will get a small blade pitch, which will give a smooth breeze when the fan is used at medium speed. Not only this, it also consumes less energy. On the other hand, if we do not want to know about a fan with a blade pitch of 16 to 18 degrees.., this type of blade pitch provides strong airflow. However, a more powerful motor is required to drive the fan blades. On the other hand, fans with a pitch of 19 to 21 degrees provide enough air for large rooms. As these blades cut through the air, a powerful motor is required to overcome air resistance.

Fans with a blade pitch of 22 to 24 degrees are used in warehouses and factories. These ceiling fans produce high CFM due to the high ceiling. Apart from this, ceiling fans with a pitch of 25 degrees come with high wind resistance. For this reason, we need a high quality motor to use them.

What pitch is best for a ceiling fan?

A blade pitch of 12 degrees is best for home use. Experts say that fans with a blade pitch of 12 to 15 degrees are good for home use. Apart from this, if you are going to buy a fan and don’t know your pitch, it is better for you to buy only 12 to 15 degree blade pitch fan.

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