Road Carpet: Road carpet.. if you want you can remove it and throw it aside.. Locals in shock.. – Telugu News | Maharashtra Villagers Lifting Newly Made Road With Bare Hands Telugu news

In the video, a tarpaulin-like material was laid under the road built by a local contractor and asphalt was laid on top of it. In the video, villagers question the poor work done by a local contractor named Rana Thakur. People are alleging that a fake road has been laid by putting asphalt under the … Read more

India-Nepal Relation: Agreement between the two countries on the Ramayan circuit.. Prachanda meeting with Prime Minister Modi.. – Telugu News | PM Modi Says Will strive to take India Nepal ties to Himalayan heights

Prime Minister Modi, PM Prachanda virtually inaugurated Uttar Pradesh’s first ‘land port’ on India-Nepal border. Many issues were discussed between the two. Important agreements were signed between India and Nepal. Agreements were signed during Nepal Prime Minister Prachanda’s four-day visit to India. Prime Minister Modi and Prachanda signed the Ramayan circuit between India and Nepal. … Read more

Viral Video: The snake was going to kiss it because it was beautiful. – Telugu News | Snake bit the nose and mouth of a woman who went to kiss it Telugu News

At that time, the woman next to her also screamed to save her friend. Seeing this, the rest of the staff immediately rushed to the scene and tried to save the woman who was attacked by the snake. The woman tries to escape. This video has now gone viral. There are many snake videos on … Read more

Twitter and WhatsApp: Twitter and WhatsApp banned lakhs of accounts within a month.. This is the real reason.. – Telugu News | Twitter and WhatsApp have banned lakhs of accounts within a month, this is the reason

Twitter banned millions of Indian Twitter accounts in a month for allegedly providing offensive and sensitive content. Twitter And Whatsapp Have Banned Twitter, WhatsApp have banned millions of accounts for child sexual abuse and sexual content. Between March 26 and April 25, more than 25 lakh Indian accounts promoting child sexual abuse, non-consensual nudity and … Read more

Working daily Rs. A woman earning more than one lakh.. In addition, foreign tours, luxurious facilities are free..! That work is.. – Telugu News | Nanny of billionaires earns over rs 1 lakh per day gets other facilities Telugu news

In it, parents are told to take care of their children after coming from school. She said that the children of many families are not able to meet their families and such people often want to go on trips. At least 10 houses in a day A 34-year-old woman earns lakhs a month doing what … Read more

Hyderabad: CM KCR announced financial assistance to Ashada Bonas.. How much this time – Telugu News | Telangana Chief Minister KCR Allocated 15 crore rupees for Bonalu Festival

Hyderabad News: Soon bonala festival will be held in Hyderabad. The state government continues to provide financial assistance for Bonala festival every year. Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav revealed that CM KCR has allocated Rs.15 crores for the Ashada Utsavs this year as well. Soon Bonala festival will be held in Hyderabad. The state government continues … Read more

Hyderabad: “My wedding is on 25th of this month sir”.. Accused insists on going to jail – Telugu News | Accused Refused to go to Jail Due to his Marriage in Nampally Court, Hyderabad

Aravind B | Updated on: Jun 01, 2023 | 6:36 PM An accused got angry in Hyderabad’s Nampally court. Nana made a fuss saying that he is getting married on the 25th of this month.. he will not go to jail. At the same time, he broke the glass of the door inside the court. … Read more

NIO ES6 Electric car: Thirty thousand bookings in three days.. This electric car is very hot.. – Telugu News | NIO ES6 accumulates nearly 30K pre orders in 3 days, check details

The second generation ES6 electric SUV car of the famous brand Neo company also got the same kind of attention from the consumers. Whether it has been released in the market or not, pre-bookings are being done on a large scale. On the third day, 30,000 cars received pre-orders. There is a huge demand for … Read more

Rahul Gandhi US Tour: Rahul Gandhi’s mouth is an old song. – Telugu News | Rahul Gandhi’s remarks on PM Narendra Modi in US draws BJP’s ire

There are more than 3 crore Indians in diaspora around the world. Major political parties have started efforts to woo the diaspora Indians and people of Indian origin during the 2024 general elections. Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is always one step ahead in this regard. Whenever the Prime Minister goes on a foreign visit.. … Read more

Siddipet: The sound of the train that will soon be heard in Siddipet.. means that it will come soon – Telugu News | Minister Harish Rao has ordered the officials to complete the Siddipet railway works by August. Supervised the railway track construction works

The age-old dream of the people of Siddipet will come true. Soon a train will be laid in the town. The track work up to Gajwal has already been completed and a trial run has also been done. Soon the train will also arrive in Siddipet. At present, the track work is being done on … Read more