Business idea: Kanaka rain with this flower business. If you do business with these flowers, you are sure to become a millionaire Telugu Business Idea

Are you looking for a business that will make you a lot of profit with less investment? But today we have a great idea for you.

Are you looking for a business that will earn you a lot of profit with less investment? But today we have a great idea for you. You can earn lakhs of rupees per month with very little investment in this business. Now let’s know about Rajnigandha flower cultivation.

Rajnigandha flower is full of many medicinal properties. Rajnigandha has its own special place among fragrant flowers. Rajnigandha flowers are fragrant and fresh for a long time. That is why the demand for them is very high in the market. In such a situation, you can get a lot of profit by cultivating it. Rajnigandha i.e. Polocanthus tuberosus Linn originated in Mexico. This flower is a plant belonging to the Amaryllidaceae family.

Cultivated in these states:

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Rajnigandha is cultivated in other states of India including West Bengal, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. But it can be cultivated in any climate. Its cultivation is good where there is good drainage system, which means that if there is no good drainage system, its tubers rot and the crop is damaged.

Use natural manure:

Apply 6-8 trolleys of cow dung in the field per acre. You can also use fertilizers like NPK or DAP. About 20,000 tubers are used in one acre when cultivated with tubers like potato. Always remember to plant fresh, good, big tubers so that you can get a good yield in floriculture.

Do you know how much you earn?

If you cultivate rajnigandha flower in one acre of land, it will yield about 1 lakh tuberous flowers. You can sell them at nearby flower markets. If there is a big temple, flower shops, wedding house etc nearby, you can get good prices for flowers from there. On the other hand, a flower of Rajnigandha depends on demand and supply. 1.5 to 8 rupees are sold. This means that one can get an income of around Rs.1.5 lakhs to Rs.6 lakhs per acre from cultivation of Rajnigandha flowers.

Used in India:

Rajnigandha flowers are cultivated in an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 20 thousand hectares. At the same time, it is also cultivated on a large scale in France, Italy, South Africa, America, etc. Rajnigandha flowers are very popular because of their fragrance. They are used as garlands, garlands and decorations in weddings. It is also used in making perfume. The demand of Rajnigandha is increasing day by day. In such a situation, you can earn big money from this business.

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