BTS’ Jin learns to throw grenade in army, fans spot ‘commander of trainees’ tag

BTS member Jin’s new photo from his military training has surfaced on social media recently. He enlisted in South Korean army in December 2022. The photo has been shared by Yeoncheon Military Training Center where the artist has been deployed at the forefront. (Also read: BigHit Music shares how to drop message on Weverse for BTS’s Jin during his military service)

In the photo, Jin sported his military uniform. He recently participated in a grenade drill and a picture shows him throwing a hand grenade towards a target. According to the training centre, Jin and other trainees underwent an outdoor training session, which included CBR (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) defense training.

In another one, Jin is seen surrounded by his fellow trainees as one of them helped him to wash his face with a bottle of water. The highlight of the new images is a badge on Kim Seokjin’s shoulder. As per fans, it read, “Company Commander of Trainees’ and they couldn’t be proud of him.

Reacting to the new photos, a fan, aka BTS Army, wrote on Twitter, “Seokjin’s badge says ‘company commander’s trainee’, meaning he is the leader of his group. He could’ve applied for it or most likely was recommended by others as a good example. In whichever the case is he’ll have a higher chance of getting awarded at training graduation.” “Kim Seokjin is now Head of his Military Company, like a Team Leader. The batch on his sleeve means he is the leader of his group. What an extraordinary guy-he is a gem that shines everywhere wherever he goes and whatever he does. A Super hero,” added another one.

Recently BTS’ agency, BigHit Music officially released a statement regarding Jin for his fans and shared how to post messages for him on Weverse. They introduced a hashtag to send him messages and asked fans to refrain from sending anything by mail.

The statement read, “Hello, This is BIGHIT MUSIC. Thank you for all the fans who always give all their love to BTS. Thanks to your kind consideration and support this past December, BTS member Jin has entered the military and now is performing his duties responsibly at the training camp. Thank you for showing your interest and support on the day he entered. Below is additional information for fans to keep note of throughout Jin’s military service period.”

“Jin is stationed at a training center designated specifically for military training together with regular military personnel. If a large number of letters and gifts from the fans arrive at the centre all at once, it would be easily lost. We ask that you please refrain from sending anything by mail. BIGHIT MUSIC will assist in making sure in is able to personally see any kind and warm messages fans leave on Weverse using the hashtag #Dear _Jin _from _ARMY.”

BTS consists of RM, Jin, SUGA, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook. Jin is the first member to enroll in the mandatory military training, for 18 months.

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