BRS: Shiv Sena leaders into BRS.. CM KCR invited Maharashtra leaders into the party wearing a scarf | Maharashtra Many leaders join BRS party

BRS party focused on Maharashtra. Leaders of various political parties are joining the Rose Party. Recently, key leaders of Shiv Sena have joined the BRS party.

From Maharashtra Brs Additions continue. On Wednesday, a key leader of the Maharashtra Shiv Sena party joined the party. Dilip Gore from Maharashtra’s Beed district joined the party in the presence of BRS National President Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) in Hyderabad on Wednesday. The leader invited them into the party by covering them with a pink scarf. Dilip Gore.. previously served as Beed Municipal Mayor. At present, he is continuing as the district president of Shiv Sena Party, Beed. They have a strong political hold in that area.

Along with them.. State President of Maharashtra Sugarcane Farmers Association, Educationist Shivraj Janarthan Rao Bhangar has joined the BRS party. Along with them, many people joined BRS. MLA Jeevan Reddy, Maharashtra BRS leader former MLA Harshvardhan Jadhav and others are among the inductees.

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