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BRS car rushed from Telangana to AP. However, the ruling party YCP took the light by comparing BRS with KA Paul’s party.

BRS car rushed from Telangana to AP. However, the ruling party YCP took the light by comparing BRS with KA Paul’s party. On the other hand, BJP says that both BRS and YCP are separate. At the same time old disputes and new arguments between the two states are coming to the fore. And what is BRS going to answer to these? Interesting article for you..

Bharat Rashtra Samithi has created a stir in AP politics. She started criticizing whether she announced the state president or not. It is said that the development of AP is due to lack of proper leadership. The BRS version is that apart from the sitting MLAs, former MLAs are also in touch. Counters in the same range are coming from the ruling YCP on these comments. She threw punches saying that TDP MLAs might be in touch with BRS. It is directly questioning how those who divided the state.. those who helped in the implementation of the Partition Act.. will enter AP again.

On the other hand, AP BJP says both BRS-YCP are one. She criticized that giving one floor in the YCP office itself would be enough. BJP leaders described KCR as a traitor of AP. A three-cornered fight is already going on in AP politics. Now with the entry of BRS too, politics has become more interesting.

Ranjuga Telangana politics..

Telangana politics has turned into a mess. Major parties are sharpening their strategies during elections. BRS chief KCR also announced the president there along with AP leaders. Telangana BJP leaders raised many questions on the same issue. The party which does not have a national president has rejected the declaration of the state president. When the people of Telangana are cheering, they are questioning where there is an opportunity for expansion. Also Maharashtra BJP leaders are targeting BRS.

Congress version is different. Alleging that both BJP and BRS are the same. The BJP, which brought AAP to the fore in Uttaradhi to divide their party’s votes, is criticizing BRS for handing over the task in the South. Meanwhile, BRS intends to go more aggressively after Sankranthi. Focusing on setting up branches in all states. The future is ours, it is taking fast steps towards expansion. Counters are coming from the opposition parties as well. In Telangana itself BRS is being cornered as a foreign party. It seems that KCR does not even have the heart to say Jai Telangana.. The opposition is putting the party in trouble.

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