Boss, your idli idea is great.. hundreds of idlis in seconds


White people, whether bachelors or families, prostrate in front of the Tiffin Centre. It is difficult for anyone to have tiffin early in the morning and sit down at six o’clock. Tiffin centers are only for such people. Recently, the way a person is making idlis for customers is impressive. So fast that he makes hundreds of idlis within minutes. He stacked all the big idli plates in a row on a table and sprayed oil on them. Then he took the idli batter in a big vessel and poured the batter into the idli plates with a mug. Then he took a mop and carefully removed the extra flour. He took them and put them on the idli stand on the stove. He used to complete all this in moments. The idlis he made were loved not only by the customers but also by a cowherd who came there. The video related to this is going viral and stealing the hearts of many people.

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