BJP: Even if the party changes.. my mind is with BJP.. the key leader of that party who made sensational announcement. Veteran TMC leader, MLA Mukul Roy Says he will join BJP in Bengal

Quit Trinamool? Will you take a U-turn and go back to BJP? The answer is yes. Ever since he was fired on Monday, there have been whispers. Now Mukul Roy has announced this himself.

A prominent TMC leader was in the news on Tuesday after going missing for hours Mukul Roy. He announced that he was keen to rejoin the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Mukul Roy said that he is still a BJP legislator and wants to meet Union Home Minister Amit Shah to rejoin the saffron party. It is known that he disappeared on Monday. Mukul Roy’s son Subhramshu Roy has also registered missing cases at two police stations as he is missing. After that he went to Delhi and it was learned that he reached Delhi on Monday night. Since then the chaos started in the politics of Bengal. He has not been seen in active politics for a long time. Recently underwent head surgery in March.

Mukul Roy has been with the Trinamool Congress since its inception. He left Trinamool Congress and joined BJP on 3 November 2017. A month before that, he broke with the Trinamool. After that, Ekush became an MLA from Uttara Krishnanagar assembly seat on a BJP ticket in the assembly elections. But after the elections, the BJP MLA returned to the Trinamool in June.

Not only that, he also served as the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee or PAC. The appointment of BJP MLA but Trinamool leader Mukul Roy to the post created controversy. After that he was removed from the post of PAC chairman. Krishna Kalyani was appointed as the PAC Chairman in his place.

Roy’s advice to his son

Roy also gave a piece of advice to his son Subharangshu. He also said that it would suit him well if he joins BJP.

Not in the right frame of mind: Roy’s son

“My father is not in a good mood. I request everyone not to do politics with a sick person. After he went missing, I also lodged a complaint with the police last night,” said Roy’s son.

Will he come back to BJP?

However, BJP leader Anupam Hazra told the media that there is a hint that Mukul Rai will join the ocher camp on Tuesday.. ‘Give some time… everything will become clear. A lot of things are happening together. There must be some link between each other. Most things are not coincidences. But nothing is impossible in politics, he said.

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