Big News Big Debate: Politics in Tragedy.. Kandukuru Tragedy created ruckus in AP Politics..

Big News Big Debate Live Video 29 ​​12 2022 On Political Heat On Ap Kandukuuru Incident Tv9

Eight innocent people lost their lives in a stampede at Chandrababu’s road show in Kandukur, Nellore district, causing a stir across the country. TDP has announced that they will give 23 lakh compensation to the deceased. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also expressed his dismay and announced a compensation of 2 lakhs. The state government has also announced that it will stand by the victims. The ruling YCP says that the reason behind the stampede in Chandrababu’s House is propaganda. But the government is supposed to provide security..Telugu Desam Party says that it has failed miserably in that.

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