Big News Big Debate: Politics in the road.. Jive No. 1 in AP Big News Big Debate on GO No 1 of Andhra Pradesh Govt Issued

Big News Big Debate: In the new year, the number given by the AP government generated top level heat across the state. In the wake of the Kandukuru incident, Jivo is to control the gatherings on the roads.

The number given by the AP government in the new year generated top level heat across the state. In the wake of the Kandukur incident, the YCP said that it was given life to control the meetings on the roads. The Jana Sena questioned that this is an unauthorized emergency, does the TDP mean that constitutional rights will also be banned? YCP says people’s lives are more important than anyone else. And the local police has also started action according to the new Jive in Kuppam.

Jio number one, which came in AP early in the morning, created a stir politically. In the background of the problems faced by people with huge meetings in narrow alleys and the loss of lives in Kandukur, the government has taken a new life based on the old Police Act 1861. This is also the first Jio that came in 2023. Meetings can no longer be held on the roads. The roads are for the convenience of the people but not to take lives, the government says.

The opposition’s version is completely different. All parties except YCP oppose it. The parties, who call Jivo an unofficial emergency, are alleging that it is a conspiracy to obstruct their leaders. But in BJP, different voices are heard. People like Somu and GVL say that if the control is good, others say that it is suppression.

No matter who’s version it is, YCP has full clarity on this matter. Everyone has the right to go to court over living things. YCP says that it is their imagination that Chandrababu and Pawan brought Jivo for the bus trip. Not only did Jio come out, but the action also started in Kuppam. According to the new Jivo, the police have also given notices that Chandrababu Sabha will be allowed only if he gives complete details. With this, the matter took a new turn.

TV Telugu Managing Editor Rajinikanth discussed the same topic in BigNews BigDebate. You can watch this video below..

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