Biden snubs South Korea on nuclear drills; Walks tightrope amid Kim’s warning I Details

U.S. President Joe Biden has denied that the Pentagon is in talks with South Korea about a joint nuclear drill, a day after Seoul made the announcement. While speaking to a local newspaper, “The Chosun Ilbo,” Biden’s South Korean counterpart, Yoon Suk-Yeol, said that the discussions with the U.S. were already underway in order to respond to North Korea’s nuclear weapons and missiles. Yoon’s remarks come in the wake of a contentious year on the Korean peninsula, which saw a record number of weapons tests by Pyongyang. On January 1, North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un even called for the development of a larger nuclear arsenal and a brand new ICBM to take on U.S.-led threats from the South. Watch this report for full information.


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