Benefits Of Eating Green Chickpeas Or Hara Chana In Winters, Chholiya Khane Ke Fayde

If you shy away from eating green gram, then you will be shocked to know its benefits, many diseases stay away if eaten soaked

Benefits of eating Chholiya: Eating green gram or chickpeas gives health benefits.

special things

  • Green gram is good for health.
  • Green gram is also called cholia.
  • Heart health also remains good.

Green Chickpeas Benefits: Green gram is called cholia in common language. Chholiya is especially available in winters, which are prepared and eaten like gram curry in homes. Green gram is extracted from the green shell attached to the long green sticks. It takes some effort to cook it, but it is very tasty to eat. On eating Green Chickpeas, the body gets various nutrients and it looks fresher and softer than common chickpeas. Know here the benefits of eating green gram.

Benefits of eating green gram | Benefits Of Eating Hara Chana

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Feel free to make green gram a part of the diet. Celebrity nutritionist Lavneet Batra, while mentioning green gram in one of his Instagram posts, wrote that in winter we talk about eating green vegetables, but there is one vegetable which is rarely talked about. This vegetable is green gram. Lavneet says that green gram is full of nutrients.

Especially eating soaked green gram is beneficial. To soak it, soak it overnight in a bowl filled with water and eat it the next morning. You can also eat them after sprouting.

body gets folate

By eating green gram, the body gets plenty of folate. Being rich in vitamin B9 or folate, green gram keeps problems like mood swings, anxiety and depression at bay. Its vegetable can be eaten or it can be cooked and consumed like a lentil.

Gets help in weight loss

Cholia or green gram is also called the powerhouse of fiber. Eating foods rich in fiber helps in weight loss because eating this nutrient keeps the stomach full for a long time, which reduces food intake and causes weight loss.

good heart health

A good amount of magnesium and potassium is found in green gram, which proves helpful in reducing blood pressure. Keeping blood pressure under control also helps in keeping the heart healthy. Green gram also contains plant sterol sitosterol which is helpful in preventing excessive cholesterol.

for hair

Green gram can be consumed internally to nourish the hair. On eating this, the hair gets a good amount of protein, which prevents hair breakage, loss and thinning.

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