BCCI: BCCI’s key decision on poor performance.. Those Tests will be tougher from now on.. If you fail, then there is no chance.. | Dexa and yo yo test compulsory for indian cricket team selection by bcci after review meeting on january 1st 2023

Last year the performance of the Indian cricket team declined.. BCCI has now taken more strict measures. As part of this, Yo-Yo and Dexa tests have been made mandatory.

Indian cricket team’s performance in 2022 is not up to expectations. The 10-wicket defeat by England in the T20 World Cup hurt the BCCI and fans a lot. After Team India’s disappointing performance, now there are reports that the board is gearing up for major changes. Keeping this in mind, a review meeting was held on January 1. On the day the new year began, a board review meeting was held with captain Rohit Sharma, coach Rahul Dravid and NCA chief VVS Laxman. Team India’s performance in 2022, defeat in 2022 T20 World Cup was discussed in the meeting. After that many important decisions were taken which will affect the players of Team India.

Among the main things that came out after this meeting were Yo-Yo Test and Dexa Test. BCCI has made Dexa Test and Yo-Yo Test mandatory for the selection of Team India players. It will be implemented based on the BCCI Central Contract Players Roadmap. Yo-yo, now let’s find out what the Dexa test is.

What is Yo-Yo Test?

There are total 23 levels in Yo-Yo Test. For cricketers, it starts from 5th level. In this the cones are placed at a distance of 20 meters. Each player has to go 20 meters to the cone and return 20 meters i.e. 40 meters within the allotted time. As the number of levels increases, the time to cover this distance also decreases. Based on this the score is decided entirely on the software. The BCCI has fixed the passing score in the Yo-Yo Test as 16.1.

What is Dexa Test?

The Dexa Test has been included in the fitness program to make the fitness checkup of the players a little more scientific. A bone density test is also called a Dexa scan. This is a special type of X-ray test that measures bone density. It also provides accurate information about cracks. Also with this test you can know everything about body fat percentage, mass and tissue. From this 10-minute test, the fitness of the player will be assessed. This test is done with the help of X-ray.

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