Bandi Sanjay Bail: Bail for Bandi Sanjay.. Hanmakonda court’s key decision after long arguments.. | BJP Bandi Sanjay gets bail from Warangal court after being arrested in TS SSC Paper leak case

The court has granted bail to BJP Telangana state president Bandi Sanjay Kumar in connection with the leak of the 10th question paper.

Telangana BJP State President Bandi Sanjay KumarGot a huge relief. Hanmakonda court granted bail. The court has granted bail to Bandi Sanjay, who is accused of being the mastermind behind the leak of class 10 question papers. Lawyers on behalf of Bandi Sanjay argued that Sanjay should be granted bail. Arguments were heard that Sanjay was framed with a conspiracy angle. PP requested not to grant bail to Bandisanjay as the investigation is at a critical stage. However, PP said that Bandi had missed Sanjay’s phone.. It contained valuable data. He said that if he is given custody, more things will come out. But after considering the arguments of both sides, the court finally granted bail to Bandi Sanjay Kumar. The court set aside PP’s arguments to give him custody.

Bail granted with surety of Rs.20 thousand. Long arguments were held for 8 hours. Currently Sanjay will be shifted to Karimnagar Jail. Bandi Sanjay will be released after the copies of the order from the court are received by the jail authorities. Bandi Sanjay is likely to be released on Friday.

And on Friday, Bandi Sanjay’s mother-in-law’s birthday ceremony is to be performed. His lawyers have also mentioned this point in their bail arguments in the paper out case. He asked to give bail that there will be programs to be organized as a family member. He also brought to the attention of the court that he had to participate as the state president of the party as there was a visit of Prime Minister Modi to Ellundi.

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However.. as the investigation is at a critical stage.. PP requested not to grant bail to Bandisanjay. Bandisanjay told the court that his phone was missing. Sanjay said there is valuable data in the phone. What the court’s decision will be is now a matter of suspense.

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