Balakrishna: MLA Balakrishna for Hindupuram ‘Idem Kharma Rashtra’ni’ program.. Permission from police yet to come | TDP MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna will visit Sri Sathya Sai district Hindupur tomorrow

A program is being held in Hindupuram on Thursday for ‘Idem Kharma Rashtriya’. But Balakrishna will participate in the program. But permission from the police is yet to come.

Hindupuram MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna will visit Sri Satyasai district Hindupuram on Thursday. Balakrishna will first attend Ambika Lakshminarayana’s daughter’s wedding. Later he will participate in many development programs. Meanwhile, on the occasion of Balakrishna’s arrival, the local TDP will organize a program for the state “Idem Karma”. The TDP leaders said that if they asked permission for this, there was no response from the police. They said that even though they have applied to the police, they have not reacted so far.

The TDP leaders are refusing to give permission to the police even though they are saying that the program will be held peacefully. They are expressing their anger that they have asked for permission in advance and still have not responded.

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They say that if we see how the police version is, we can organize protest programs without causing any trouble to traffic. With this, everyone is excited about Balakrishna’s program tomorrow.

If this is the case, local CI Venkateswara Rao has revealed many things about the same. Meetings and meetings are not allowed on the road. He said that protest programs can be organized without any inconvenience to traffic.

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