As soon as the quail touches the well, it dies in moments

Strange Bird

Who doesn’t like to be entertained by chirping birds? Bulli bulli quails are raised by many people at home. They are very happy if they fly around in the nest while providing food and water to the quails. But do you know that there are some dangerous birds among the birds. Two such terrifying birds have been spotted by Danish researchers in the forests of New Guinea. They say that it is dangerous not to grow them at home, but to go near them. These dangerous birds are mostly found in the Indo-Pacific region. They dry up the poisonous fruits and substances found in the forest and turn them into neurotoxins, which they store in their wings. These birds have the ability to withstand poison. A representative of the Natural History Museum in Denmark said that the reason for this is the genetic changes that have occurred in their bodies over time. A statement revealed that the birds were spotted during a recent trip to the forests of New Guinea.

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