Are these collections real?? Feka?? You have to watch this video to know

Veera Simha Reddy And Waltair Veeraya

Both Balayya and Veeraya stood in Sankranti ring. A dizzying hit. One made their fans laugh, while the other made their fans grow fonder. He played with an OK heroine and made the audience in the theater move their legs too. They made him step with them. With action.. with fighting.. with entry scenes.. they made goose bumps. They also brought tears to the eyes with sentimental scenes. All in all, both of them crushed the villain.. to death.. and made the audience go home on a high note. They are showering money on the OK producer alliance of their movies. Both became 100 crore heroes. S! Balayya and Veeraya! The official talk is that both have earned more than 100 crores. The update announced by Maitri, the producers of these movies. All this is the doubt that some people who are netting now have this range of collections actually come?

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