Anil K Antony: Goodbye AK Antony’s son to Congress party.. Tweets of celebrities on social media platform | AK Antony’s son quits Congress party. Check out political reactions

Anil Antony, son of senior Congress leader and former Union minister AK Antony, said goodbye to the party. Anil expressed his displeasure over Congress showing a BBC documentary on Prime Minister Modi.

Anil Antony, son of senior Congress leader and former Union minister AK Antony, said goodbye to the party. Anil expressed his displeasure over Congress showing a BBC documentary on Prime Minister Modi. Anil K Antony, who divided his own party on the grounds that the campaign of hatred against Prime Minister Modi is inappropriate, announced his resignation from all the posts in the party on Wednesday. Congress recently tweeted a documentary on Prime Minister Modi on the 2002 Gujarat riots. This caused a bit of controversy. Anil K Antony, who expressed concern over the screening of a documentary criticizing Prime Minister Modi, said that the party’s attitude was hurtful, and asked the Congress, which is fighting for freedom of speech, to withdraw their tweets. But they refused it.. It is the height of hatred, abuse and deceit, they lashed out at the Congress. The BBC documentary was criticized as undermining the country’s sovereignty. Meanwhile, Anil has been angry with the party since two days when it was announced that this documentary will be shown in Kerala. He commented that the BBC documentary is undermining the sovereignty of the country.

Anil K Antony’s resignation has become a topic of discussion at a time when the BBC documentary is being criticized across the country. Many are expressing different opinions on this. They say that Anil K Antony has taken a good decision. They are commenting that some people are trying to incite hatred.. This is inappropriate.

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Shashi Tharoor responded..

Meanwhile, Kerala Congress leader Shashi Tharoor reacted to Anil K Antony’s resignation. He said that he was sticking to the party line regarding the documentary made by BBC on the Gujarat riots. He said that he was surprised to see the reaction of the government.. The ban was an overreaction. He said that he did not talk to Anil about Anil Antony’s resignation against the actions of the BBC and the party, and it was never discussed. He also denied the news that he had spoken to AK Antony on this. How BBC Documentary affects the sovereignty of our country.. Imposing a ban is an overreaction by the center.. There is no need to discuss this.. We are a strong country. He commented.

The interests of the country are important.. BJP leader Poonawala..

BJP leader Shehzad Poonawala said that Anil Antony left the Congress because of the policies of the Congress. In such a situation, everyone should stand on the same page. He said that Narendra Modi’s reputation cannot be damaged by such things. He said that the leaders of their own party are expressing their anger on the behavior of the Congress.

If this is the case… they are tweeting in support of AK Antony’s son Anil.

Glad to end this chapter with Congress. Rishi Suri tweeted saying, Best wishes for moving forward.

Such trolls from Congress will bring down the party. Pallavi Ghosh responded by saying that the situation is the same now. Shashi Tharoor tweeted that the competition is now with Anil Antony.

Rahul Gandhi announced to take action against Digvijay Singh who announced the surgical strike. But.. Panchal said that now Anil has been forced to resign.

Well done Anil.. Thank you for exposing the hatred being propagated by Congress in the guise of Bharat Jodo Yatra.. Tuhin A. Sinha Tuhin Sinha tweeted.

Look at the intolerance.. Congress leader AK Antony’s son Anil has resigned. Congress leaders are criticizing this. Kapil Mishra said BBC has no right to interfere in India.

Shehzad lashed out at the Jai Hind Congress saying, “Unify the Congress first, not the country”.

Kishore K Swamy said that this is Rahul Gandhi’s problem. He can never use power.

Congress ranks are also criticizing Anil’s resignation. They are angry that they are throwing mud at the Congress to join the BJP.

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