Andhra Pradesh: Wings of land in AP.. Prices increased where there are highways, industries.. – Telugu News | Andhra Pradesh to hike land rates, new rates will come into effect from June 1

The month of May is over. June has started. The law has changed. The land prices will increase from this..The government has decided to increase the prices in urban areas and some rural centers as well. The price will increase by at least 29 to 31 percent. The government has ordered to conduct registrations as per the new rates.

In AP, the lands got wings. There are many differences between yesterday and today in land rates. Huge changes have come in one day. Since June 1, land prices have been increasing in many parts of AP. In this regard, the Stamps and Registrations Department has issued instructions to all district registrars. Practically every year in urban areas and every two years in rural areas, land prices have to be increased. The last time the government increased land prices was in 2020.

After that..with the reorganization of districts..Last year, the registration charges were increased in urban areas. Prices have been revised in some cities and rural areas where registrations are taking place more recently. However, the joint collectors of the respective districts have finalized the rates on how much the prices should be increased. According to these prices.. Registrations will be done from these.

20 percent price revision in rural areas

However, unlike all rural areas, only 20 percent of the rural areas of the state have revised the land prices according to the market value. Prices will increase only in some mandals of each district. District Joint Collector Sampath Kumar said that rates are increasing only in 7 mandals of NTR district.

Revision of land prices only in 2318 areas

There are 12 thousand 256 villages and urban areas under the jurisdiction of 298 registrar offices in the state, but only 2318 areas have revised the land prices.

Higher prices where there are highways and industries

Recently, registrations have increased in Nandyala, Kurnool, Bapatla, Anantapur, Konaseema, Narsarao Peta and Manyam districts. In addition to these, where new highways and industries have been established. The government has taken a decision by increasing the market value in such areas. Registrations from these will be done at increased prices. That’s why..registrar’s offices were crowded till the end of May..people queued up to get registrations done at old rates. Due to this, even the servers could not bear the load. The month of May is over. June has started. It is as if the lands have been given wings with new prices..

Values ​​will be increased in the name of special revision. Last year, before the formation of new districts, the market values ​​were increased in Bapatla, Palnadu and Guntur in the joint district. In April 2022, the market values ​​were increased in the new district centers and their surrounding areas.

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