Andhra Pradesh: Chee Chee.. is her daughter-in-law like that? Where can you see this discourse in Allagadda.. | Andhra Pradesh Woman Killed Her Husband and Mother in Law in Allagadda

Allagadda.. This name means, if you hear it, the vibration is like a current shock.. On the screen, behind the screen, but in the border frame, the sound of Allagadda is palpitation. But all of them are once lost.. Faction’s fangs have been cut.. But knowing the story of this ‘Muntaz’, Alla’s beard was on fire. Not only that.. the whole of Andhra was shocked.

Allagadda.. this name means a vibration like a current shock if you hear it.. on the screen but behind the screen but in the border frame Allagadda The sound is palpitation. But all of them are once lost.. Faction’s fangs were once cut.. But knowing the story of this ‘Muntaz’, Allagadde got goosebumps. Not only that.. the whole of Andhra was shocked.

Did Mumtaz work that well? An innocent face. But that thing in her.. is there poison? Whoa.. How much she cried then.. If her aunt died, she cried as much as her mother-in-law died! Isn’t that cry true? The original story is ada! These are the words coming from the mouth of Allagadda people who know the truth. No matter which two they meet, they get scared while telling this story. Who is Mumtaz? what did she do Was her aunt Jamalamma a natural death? When did her husband die? How did he die? If you know all the matter, the meter is sure to rise.

Jamalamma from Allagadda was very friendly with everyone. Relatives and locals were saddened to know that Jamalamma had died. Jamalamma was fine. It was good till night too. No cold or fever. How did it die so suddenly? Some have doubts. One or two wanted to inquire what had happened. While crying on one side, Mumtaz answered them on the other side. Atta.. aunt.. died of a heart attack and the sad chest was covered with blood. Aren’t many heart attack incidents happening lately? They believed that everything was going to be true. Alas, the last rites of Jamalamma were performed saying that he was a good man. Mumtaz’s idea worked out.

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However, people can be trusted. But is it possible to bind time? Time answered. Shocking facts about not one but two murders have come to light. Excavation of graves has started in the cemetery to confirm the truth. Jamalammadi did not die a natural death. The police started investigation on the complaint of murder. Mumtaz shed tears saying that her aunt had died, the investigation revealed what the real affair was.

Yes.. did she work that much? Why did she kill her aunt? Along with those questions, Allagadda was terrified knowing that Ramu’s murder would also be done by Mumtaz. And the shocking news is that Ramu died in their house before Atta Jamalamma. Ram is none other than Jamalamma’s son. Mumtaz’s husband. Two deaths in the same house within 40 days. Both were not natural deaths. The police have finally put an end card to Mumtaz’s crime story film in which she killed her husband and aunt without shedding a drop of blood.

Ramu died on January 5. Everyone believed that Mumtaz had died of a heart attack. But she wanted to overthrow her relatives. But no matter how much a criminal can be caught by the law with a little clue. Same happened in this case. Mumtaz is Ram’s second wife. Uncle Jamaliah noticed that the pain of her husband’s and aunt’s death was not so much in her. On the other hand, Ramu’s elder wife’s son was also suspicious of Pinni’s behavior. On checking the phone, they found the call records of Mumtaj’s conversation with the teacher’s wife next door. Shocking truths came to the fore. The audio records were taken away and handed over to the police. If Ramu and Jamalammavi were killed in the complaint, the truth came out. The shocking truth that Ramu died not of a heart attack but because of Mumtaj’s strangulation caused a sensation.

As part of the investigation, the dead bodies of Jamalamma and Ramu were recovered. Shavapanchanama was performed in the presence of officials. On the other hand, if Mumtaz is detained and interrogated.

Mumtaz wanted to kill her husband and aunt within 40 days and add them to the accounts of the heart attack. But the story turns upside down with a little suspicion. With the arrest, Mumtaz’s story reached the bars. And why did she commit these murders? Is it the only one? Has anyone contributed? There is a discussion locally about how many more sensations there are in this episode, which resembles a crime movie.

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