Andhra Goli Soda: If you wake up, Andhra ‘Soda’ Buddi.. Increased demand for Goli Soda.. Do you know the history..? – Telugu News | Goli Soda sees a resurgence in demand in Andhra Pradesh, Know Andhra Goli Soda History

Andhra Goli Soda: Many people still remember the days when we used to see Goli Soda in our bazaar on a two-wheeled wooden cart in the evening in the buddies’ huts, cinema halls, near bus stands..

Andhra Goli Soda: Many people still remember the days when we used to see goli soda in the buddies’ huts, cinema halls, near bus stands… in the evening on a two wheeler wooden cart. Let’s drink.. At least they have rarely been seen since a few years. After about ten to fifteen years, this Goli Soda made a full entry into the market again. It has also entered the corporate i.e. big market with a price of 30 rupees. Drinking soda and enjoying the sun.

Tu Vigileste Andhra Soda Buddi.. the song from the movie Simhadri is as popular as Goli Soda. These sodas that reduce the summer heat have been seen in the city lately. At that time, these sodas were sold for 20 to 30 rupees, but they are drinking it feeling very crazy.

Do you remember the song “Soda.. Soda.. Andhra Soda.. Goli Soda Jil Jil Soda” sung by Padmanabham in the movie “Lakshmi Niwasam” in 1968. Mana Pithapuram Nageswara Rao sang and lyrics were provided by Kosaraju. In that song even the two wheeler cart is now making a name for itself, that old generation..

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This soda is called Banta or Kanche Vali bottle by Hindi people. “Kanche” means marble. At one time, these were all sitting neatly in Buddy Kottu, in the place of Coca-Cola and Majala. Now big multi flexes and hotels are appearing near the shopping malls.. that means in which range the soda level has increased.. not to mention specifically..

Goli Soda

Goli Soda

This Goli Soda has a long history.

The name of the bottle used in this is called “Cod Neck Bottle”. In 1872, Londoner Hiram Codd created a bottle and patented it. It was a great innovation at that time. The great thing about this model where a normal bottle has two rims is that the marble in one rim can be tightened like a lid for the same bottle. However, its specialty is that once opened, the marble can get stuck in another rim and not get in the way while drinking. A later popular bottle, a rubber washer on the rim held the ball firmly in place when pressure was applied, giving it durability without the need for a cap. While the British were going around and selling such a bottle manufacturing factory, they bought the Khandel Wall Glass Works in Sasani, Uttar Pradesh. Since then they have been our biggest supplier of this bottle. Apart from them, Maha Lakshmi Glass Works in Hyderabad also used to do similar things.

However, the old Goli Soda with new brand names and various flowers is making a ruckus in the market again.. The youth are also drinking Goli Soda with great festivity.. It is a special thing that this Andhra Goli Soda is among the older generation’s popularity remains the same even in modernization.

– Vikram, TV9 Reporter, Vijayawada..

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