Anand Mahindra Marvels At Video Of Flying Bike, Flying Bikes On Sale In US, Japan, Anand Mahindra Share Video Ndtv India

Anand Mahindra in awe of this flying bike!  Price and speed will blow your senses

Anand Mahindra Shares Flying Hoverbike Video: In the changing times, many things are changing very fast. In the changing times, there are many developments and constructions which people are surprised to see. In today’s time, a bike running on the road is seen flying in the air. A living example of this can be seen in a recent viral video. This video has been shared by Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra on the social media platform, seeing which the users are also stunned. Although Anand Mahindra remains in headlines through one post after another, but this post of his which came to the fore recently is blowing people’s senses.

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Seeing this video that surfaced recently, you will also be reminded of the Hollywood film ‘Star Wars’. Let us tell you, XTURISMO is a hoverbike, which can fly in the air. In fact, a Japanese start up company Erwins Technologies has launched a flying hoverbike at the Detroit Auto Show in the United States. It is being told that it is known as the world’s first flying bike. According to the information given in the video, its speed will be 62 kilometers per hour and it can fly in the air for 40 minutes.

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Recently, businessman Anand Mahindra has shared the video of this bike on the social media platform Twitter from his account. It can be seen in the video that a man is sitting on this flying bike and is trying to control it. While sharing this video, Anand Mahindra wrote in the caption that, ‘Japanese startup’s flying bike. Will cost around $800K in the US. I suspect it will be mainly used by police forces around the world. Can also be used for interesting chase sequences in many films.

According to the caption, it will cost more than 800 thousand dollars i.e. about 6,50,00,000 Indian rupees in America. This video has been viewed 7.3 million times so far, while more than 6 thousand people have liked this video. Users who have seen the video are giving different reactions on it. One user wrote, ‘I am already seeing this video everywhere on the internet. They are also claiming that it is already on sale in Japan. Can anyone tell me where it is available in Japan and how there is no other video of it flying anywhere. Another user wrote, ‘Many people in India have also worked on the flying bike.’

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