Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor to paps: Put a heart emoji, vada pav or bhajiya, but please don’t reveal Raha’s face | Bollywood

The excitement among #Ralia fans to see first pictures of Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s daughter Raha is only understandable. However, the new parents have decided that they are not ready just yet to reveal their baby’s face. The couple, along with Ranbir’s mum, actor Neetu Kapoor, held an informal meeting with the paparazzi on Saturday and requested them to follow a ‘no photo policy’ for Raha. We bring you all the details from the meeting.

A pap, who was present for the meeting told us, “Both Alia and Ranbir humbly requested all the photographers, and said, ‘We understand this is your profession and we all need you as much as you need us, but we request you to please not click Raha till she turns two’. Neetu ji also said it’s parents’ decision, so we should respect.”

The pap further added that the couple assured that it’s not as if they want to keep their daughter hidden. “As parents, their concern is that let a couple of years pass by and then they would introduce Raha to the world. But they insisted that she’d a kid right now, so they don’t want to expose her so soon.”

In the past, cricketer Virat Kohli and actor Anushka Sharma had issued a statement requesting paps to not click their daughter Vamika’s pictures. Even when her photos from inside a cricket stadium were shared on sociual media, Anushka requested media houses to not carry them.

And now, we’ve learnt that Alia, too, has made a similar request. She told paps that even if they spot Raha somewhere and click her, they should not show her face. “If by chance Raha comes in any frame, please use a heart emoji or vada pav or bhajiya, but don’t reveal her face,” said Alia, to which Ranbir added, “Even in cars, when you zoom in and if at all you click her, please don’t circulate those photos. This is till she grows and understands that whether she wants to give pictures of not. I won’t object if you want to click our couple pictures.”

Several pap accounts also revealed that Ranbir showed them Raha’s pics on his phone. Appreciating the gesture, another photographer said, “It was really nice that Ranbir gave his phone in everyone’s hand and all of us saw some four-five pictures of baby Raha. He mentioned that this was the first time he was showing these pictures to someone outside the family.”

In fact, Alia told the paps that as parents, they don’t even forward Raha’s pictures on Whatsapp to anyone because there are chances it might get leaked from somewhere, and the paps present for the meeting were the first ones to see the baby’s pictures.

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