Akira Nandan: Shocking junior power star Akira.. The video is making waves on social media..

Pawan Kalyan Son Akhira As Music Director Details Video

Pawan’s fans who adore Pawan immensely.. also admire his god’s family in the same range. In that too.. they show special interest in Pawan’s son. Repo mapo.. Akira as a hero.. has been waiting since forever. Nettinta says this is their wish. But if it is cut.. this young power star is shocking everyone.. they are ready to make a short film. But not as a hero.. as a music director..! S! Akira, who looks like Pawan Kalyan, always becomes the center of attraction in the media and social media. As the successor of his father, he is facing the demand of coming into the movies as a hero. But keeping all this aside.. Recently, Tano is working as a music director for a short film.

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